Empowering Those Who Empower Themselves

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At SISTERSVEGA OUTREACH we want to serve the needs of first generation FEMALE college students by providing them with uplifting and empowering services.  Our goal is to assist 1st generation female college students coming from LOW-INCOME BACKGROUNDS by absorbing some their basic daily expenses. For example; like paying for food, transportation, and monthly toiletry items. At Sistersvega Outreach we believe that students should have the option to use financial aid monies for REAL college experiences like to study abroad, learning another language, or submersing themselves within there discipline. We want our clients to be able to reserve there financial aid money so they can focus on experiencing the absolute BEST parts of college. And, not be stressed out over the basics. We believe that financial aid money should be reserved for the full and true college experience. NOT for covering the basics.

This is where our program steps in,......


Through our small effort and collaborations with other NPO's our program can assist 1st generation FEMALE COLLEGE students acquire workforce skills, meet other women currently obtaining a 2-4 year degree just like them, save money, and have good ol'fashioned healthy fun with others in a safe space.


Joining a Sisterhood
Life-long Connections
Multiple Volunteer Opportunities
Internship Matching
Gain Independence
Increase individual/social/professional network
Improve Communication Skills
Build Confidence

1st generation FEMALE college students 
2.8 G.P.A. or higher
Financial Aid Recipient
Currently Enrolled Full-Time Student*
Completing AA Degree (in progress)
2 Completed terms on record or 3 Letters of Recommendation