Empowering Those Who Empower Themselves

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Our clients receive each of these services for FREE

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BI-MONTHLY Toiletry Package  


These are toiletry packages that will be issued every 8 weeks to our clients. These packages are name-brand products whom have been donated. Our goal  is for our clients to feel fresh and confident while on interviews, at work, or in the classroom. Most importantly, this service reduces client monthly expenses! T-PACKS include;

Shampoo, Conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, soap, lotion, etc.

Wellness Retreat

Located in Malibu. This retreat offers a beautiful beach location and fun physical activities for our clients to enjoy.

Internship/Volunteership Matching

Some student courses require students to perform volunteer work. We can assist in this process and match or refer students to other  non-profit organizations whom are actively need volunteers.

Transportation Assistance

We cover the costs of student transportation expenses by offering a a clipper card for students who have to travel far to get to there school.

Food Runs

We will make food-runs for our clients who are low on staple food items. 

Volunteer Events

We want to host volunteer parties for our clients. Once a quarter Sistersvega Outreach gives back to the community by volunteering its time to assist other non-profits of the Bay achieve daily tasks or goals.